Gavin Tolometti

I am conducting research for my 5-year PhD at the University of Western, Ontario. My thesis topic investigates the relationship between the surface textures, geochemistry, and petrography of the lavas located at Craters of the Moon National Monument & Preserve, Idaho. The surface roughness of lava flows from Craters of the Moon are analogous to some impact melt flows created by lunar impact cratering processes, and rough Martian lava flows. As of 2018, my research expanded to studying the physical and chemical properties of terrestrial and Apollo impact melt rocks, and the surface roughness-petrographic relationship of the Holuhraun lava flow in Iceland.

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My Research Experience Gallery

 A picture is worth 1000 words in a report, essay or research paper! It is a guideline I have followed since my second year as an undergraduate. I wanted to apply it to my website and share my experience as a graduate student through imagery.