The Melts of West Clearwater and Mistastin Impact Structure

September 18, 2018

Hey everyone, not much to report for this blog unfortunately. Most of the things I have been up to have involved a lot of meetings with TA duties, PHASR, the CPSX High-Altitude Balloon project, and GradCast.


What I can share with you all today are the impactite (hyper velocity generated products) samples from West Clearwater lake impact structure and Mistastin lake impact structure. I have only briefly looked over them under the microscope so further work is needed to be completed before I spend some time on the electron micro-probe.


The images show one thin section from a fine-grained melt rock, medium-grained melt rock, and an impact melt-bearing breccia. I have shown the samples under plane polarized light and crossed polarized light. 


West Clearwater


Fine Grained Melt Rock Samples



Medium Grained Melt Rock Samples



Impact Melt-Bearing Breccia Samples




I managed to go over some of the Mistastin samples already cut for thin sections by previous graduate students. I only looked over the samples labelled as melt, clast-rich and poor melt rocks, and "suevites" (more appropriate term is impact melt-bearing breccia).


Here are a few thin section images.



 Clast-rich Melt Rocks

 Clast-poor Melt Rocks

 Impact Melt-Bearing Breccia



Sadly that is all to say and show at the moment. I will be back next time to talk more about my research!


On a side note, last Tuesday I was interviewed by GradCast to talk about CPSX and my PhD research. If you would like to listen to the episode click on the link below.




If you would like to talk about your research or any projects you have worked on during the summer then I highly recommend coming on the show, it is a lot of fun! Plus I am a new committee member so I can get you a spot for the winter term 2019.


See you all next time!



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