Back from LPSC - The lava is only getting hotter

March 30, 2017

Well, LPSC was a really enjoyable and educational conference! Lots of interesting and engaging talks, posters, networking events and got to meet members of the ANSMET Team! Plus I met someone from ESA which allows me to email him about their Yung Graduate Traineeship Program.



After sitting down with Dr Scott Hughes, Dr Shannon Kobs Nawotniak, Dr Alex Sehkle, Oz and Catherine I now have new ideas for what to look for in my samples over the summer, what samples to collect in the field and hypotheses to think about for the next field session in August 2017. Feldspar orientation, Devil's Orchard vs Serrate Flow and revisiting sample sites where variations in petrography were found (this is for clarification) are amoung the list of objectives to achieve when I return to the field. I will be using ImageJ to analyse the preferred orientations of the feldspars in the samples (once I download it onto the lab computer....don't worry Catherine it's free) as well as continue probe work from July onwards.


Another note, I found out recently that my abstract for GAC MAC got accepted. Unfortunately I still don't know times, type of presentation or whether I got into the session I applied for......slow gears in the GAC MAC committee. All I know is it's on the 15th of May. It will be a great chance to see what research is conducted across Canada and I get to see a good friend of mine at Kingston.


For the next month I'll be working on the HiRise mission, finishing the last assignments for my advanced mineralogy course, revise for a final exam and complete the assignments for Oz's field school.


Who says you need an active scoial life haha







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