Research and Conference Update

February 28, 2017

LPSC Update

I have been working on a draft layout for my LPSC poster and I have come to an indecisive point. I am trying to decide whether I should put a map onto my poster. This would be a good idea because the map will show where my field is and it includes the radar data which is an important part of the research.

 The issue is that I would have limited space for thin section images and I won't be able to have the three images of the different surface roughness: smooth pahoehoe, rubbly pahoehoe and blocky.


I can adjust the layout and size to accommodate all of my images and figures but I run the risk of creating a cluttered and cramped poster which is often unappealing at conferences. Perhaps if I keep the text to a bare minimum I can probably get away with this.


Research Update/Thoughts

I have  been describing the surface roughness of lava flows at Craters of the Moon for the past 7 months based off field observations and I was starting to wonder if I should quantify the surface roughness using circular polarization ratio data. The lava flows exhibit changes in surface roughness along individual flows so if I can assignment values to a surface roughness description it will make it more applicable to interpretations, especially the planetary analogue portion of the research thesis.


I can open the attributes table of the AIRSAR dataset on ArcGIS and manually assign the values of each lava flow to a surface roughness description. Another method could be to use zonal statistics to quantify the values of a specific area. This would be useful for lava flows showing changes in surface roughness from source to flow lip (e.g. Devil's Orchard).

Quantifying the surface roughness would make comparisons to other planetary surfaces more efficient and applicable because we cannot take images of the surfaces with as much detail as here on Earth.



News Note: I am still waiting confirmation from Livio but I may be on the next MRO/HiRIse cycle from the 26th of March - 3rd of May!!!

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