Preliminary Data: Thin Section Analysis

November 30, 2016

Sorry it has been awhile, field in Utah takes a lot of your time :)


Part of my research aim is to analyze the petrographic properties of lava flows at Craters of the Moon and compare them to their surface roughness. Nine thin section samples from lava flow samples have been returned to me and I spent the past week describing each mineral and the crystalline texture, estimating the mineral mode percentages and vesicle percentage, and categorizing them with their surface roughness.

What was unusual is lava flows with similar surface roughness exhibit different crystalline textures. Some are classified as being hypo-crystalline while others trachylitic. 

Images of thin sections are to be presented at the next Neish and Friends Group Meeting on the 1st of December 2016.


A recent addition to the preliminary data is the spreadsheet containing the major and trace element whole-rock geochemistry data of the same 9 lava flow samples.


Analysis is planned to begin next week after my research presentation and final research proposal deadline.

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